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It’s Time to Upgrade Your Bathroom

Arrange for Bathroom Remodeling Services in in LA county and Bay Area, CA

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Is your bathroom letting you down?

If your bathroom has outdated countertops, broken fixtures and dull lighting, it’s time to give it a face-lift. Choose Rosegold Builders, Inc. for bathroom remodeling services in San Jose, Valley Village or Cupertino, CA. Our bathroom remodeling specialists can replace your broken plumbing fixtures, install stylish, durable flooring and even expand the floorplan to give your bathroom a whole new look.

Reach out to us right away to get expert bathroom remodeling services.

Reasons to remodel your bathroom:

  • Fix underlying problems
  • Boost the storage space
  • Update the look of your bathroom
  • Add functional features
  • Opt for smart bathroom designs
  • Add some seating

Check out these helpful bathroom remodeling tips

Trust a bathroom contractor at Rosegold Builders to take charge of your bathroom remodeling project in Valley Village, Cupertino or San Jose, CA.

When you’re laying out your new bathroom, think about:

  • Choosing timeless, durable flooring
  • Incorporating more storage space than you think you’ll need
  • Installing energy-efficient lighting
  • Converting your bathtub to a shower
  • Splurging on a few luxurious features

Arrange for bathroom remodeling services by calling 800-309-9006 today. Our bathroom contractor can answer all of your remodeling questions.

Bathroom Remodel

Are you annoyed by your outdated tile? Cant get over the old paint or texture on those bathroom walls? Does it feel like you enter into a time machine every time you step foot in your bathroom? Well then, you’ve come to the right place!! Here at Rosegold Builders, our mission is to make the design of your dreams a reality. A beautiful bathroom remodel can play a huge roll in your home’s comfort level. Our skilled team of professionals will design your bathroom, plan it out, and make it a reality for you one nail at a time!


Getting started with your bathroom remodel it is important to understand your space. Our team of 3D designers can help you visualize your final product before you even spend a penny on construction!

Next Its time to go shopping!!

Understanding colors is very important when used correctly, color can change the mood of your bathroom, or impact the space. It can also draw the viewers eyes to a focal element and accent walls are one of the best ways to achieve that. Picking out your vanity, bathtub, tile, or toilet can be a struggle but don’t get too overwhelmed, take a deep breath, Rosegold is here to ease your project in any way we can.

Lets start with your vanity!

Picking out a vanity is a huge step in getting the ball rolling on the project. Something modern? Or how about more of a traditional look? Let our project managers/ design experts pick out the right vanity for you! Once you completely fall in love with the perfect vanity its time to move on to picking out the perfect tile!

Don't let your toilet be an eye sore!

New toilet designs have improved so much in the past 5 years that a toilet can go from the most hideous object to a beautiful piece of art which stands as a prime focus in your bathroom! Remember Rosegold Builders are a green certified construction company so ask us how you can start saving trees by installing a bidet toilet!

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